Slugs like wet situations and live under stones. Unlike snails, which hibernate for the winter by enclosing themselves in their shells, slugs are active year-round.

Slugs are mostly found in the garden, where they can be a real problem for gardeners, chewing on your plants year-round, but are often seen as a bigger problem around the house.

Slugs in the home pose minor health problems for humans, although they can carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria. They may find their way to your veggie rack and start eating your veggies, spoiling them. Silt trails on the ground are unsightly, unsanitary, and unsightly, and a slug is horrible to step on, especially if you’re not wearing anything on your feet! Since slugs feed primarily at night, they are often found in your home first thing in the morning.

There are two main ways to prevent slugs from entering your home: one is to create a barrier of some kind, a strip of copper, or something that slugs don’t like to cross, such as dry sand, crushed eggshells, or ash. The other is pellets of slugs, salt, or other chemicals. The caffeine in coffee has also been found to keep slugs and snails at bay. These, however, pose the problem of poisonous materials that children and pets can encounter and it can be difficult to surround your home with eggshells or ashes.

The other is to block all means of entry.

Slugs can enter your home through holes under doors, in spaces between bricks, and through damaged fasciae. These entry points must be uncovered and blocked with cement, plaster, or wood.

A more common entry point is holes in the air bricks located around your home. These are vital components of your home as they allow air to enter the cavity wall so keep it ventilated and free of moisture so it is essential that these holes are not blocked.

The solution is to cover the airfield with fine wire mesh or purchase a custom made wire mesh cover that can easily be placed over the airbrush. This will still allow air to pass through the airbrush, but the fine mesh will prevent slugs from entering.

Preventing slugs from entering your home is a much more humane method of slug control than using chemicals. Let the gardener solve the slug problem in your domain!