Month: September 2021

The trend of mobile games

Recently, mobile games have gained quite a large share in terms of revenue. Gaming consoles / platforms and online gaming giants have dominated the gaming industry for the past few decades, but with the massive insurgents of mobile gaming, change is definitely coming and change is welcome, especially for the avid and enthusiastic gamers. The […]

Walt Disney World Vacations

One of the most spectacular Christmas gifts you can give your family is a vacation to Walt Disney World. This magical place, adored by children of all ages, brings families together in a way that creates memories for a lifetime. What better time to highlight that special sparkle in your children’s eyes than during the […]

Old Whitby Windmills

It is the history of Whitby that makes it such an interesting place, and it may come as a surprise to some, that Whitby has had several windmills. When considering Whitby’s location along the windy North Sea coast, it is an obvious location to take advantage of the natural resource of wind. The oldest documented […]

9 CrossFit exercises to lose weight and belly fat

CrossFit is a series of training methods primarily aimed at improving strength and conditioning. It is mainly focused on Olympic-style weightlifting, but at the same time it consists of several routines that aim to develop various physical attributes such as endurance, strength, speed, coordination, balance, and more. What separates CrossFit workouts from all other methods […]

Dog tear stains aren’t just cosmetic

Dog tear stains are a cosmetic problem, caused by an overflow of tears on the cheeks, which is most obvious in dogs with white coats and other light colors. Tear buildup in facial hair can lead to hair tangling, skin irritation, and possibly infection. Hair can act like a lock, drawing tears from the eye. […]

10 cons of desktop publishing

Introduction The odds of becoming a successful self-publisher can seem daunting to a beginner. But if you are really serious about seeing yourself in print and using your writing to help as many people as possible, then no number of negatives can stop you from achieving your goals. However, when reading this list, keep in […]