Month: June 2023

Reebok T5.1 Treadmill Review

As you know from my other articles, I am a club level runner and when I can’t run on the road, I love running on my treadmill. Using a treadmill is a safe, convenient, and comfortable alternative to running on the road. I was lucky enough to try Reebok’s T5.1 treadmill recently and wanted to […]

Tantra – 10 Keys to the Art of Pleasure

Being a “pleasure artist” is a natural human talent. Tantra teaches that the body is a temple. One of her gifts is the ability to feel pleasure through the senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. While she requires practice, pleasure is an art worth developing. Some of the abilities that enhance pleasure; a finely […]

What is scampi?

Scampi is the term typically used for a type of shellfish, and is also used as a culinary term for some types of prawns, most notably the ‘true’ Scampi Nephrops Norvegicus, but depending on where you live, “Scampi” can mean many different things. … In India, the term “freshwater prawns” is generally used to refer […]

How Contextual Design Involves Stakeholders in the Design Process

How Contextual Design Involves Involving stakeholders in the design process is critical to a project’s success. But how do you engage end-users and other stakeholders in the research process while still maintaining a high level of product development rigor? The answer lies in the user-centered design (UCD) methodology known as contextual inquiry. This is a […]

The bettor does not bet on bears

The Chicago Bears are the best team in the NFL, the luckiest or both, but the judge and jury are still out on injury-prone quarterback Rex Grossman and whether the reincarnated Monsters of the Midway Windy City may be 16-0. Don Shula’s 1972 Miami team achieved the final unblemished season in 1972. The Bears’ astonishing […]

How to paint kitchen cabinets

You may have some kitchen cabinets in your house whose frames and doors are structurally sound but need to be refinished. One of the best ways to bring them to life is to paint them in their original colors. The process of painting your kitchen cabinet is very easy and cheap and you can have […]

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is very important if you are looking to expand your exposure on the Internet; however, it seems that many people fall victim to bad SEO (search engine optimization) practices. The main criticism is that many people are paying too much for little or no results. Also, many of them are victims of […]