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Technical drafting – Turnkey definition

You hear key chain (what’s more turn the key) in a meeting. You think you know what it means, but it seems to be used differently than you understand it. That is very likely. Like many other business-related terms, various companies use turnkey a little differently. We will look at the most common ways it […]

Organizations can dramatically reduce workers’ compensation costs by helping employees stay fit to work

Introduction Data from the National Compensation Insurance Council shows the high cost of allowing or even requiring employees to attempt work for which they are sadly unprepared, physically and mentally. They are not physically prepared because their bodies are not trained for the performance requirements of the jobs they are asked to do; mentally unprepared […]

Helpful alternatives to filing for bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy requires you to look for alternative ways to achieve your goal of being financially debt free. There are several approaches, and each achieves the result you are looking for, with different effects on credit scores. Debt payment It seems like a no-brainer and is what we should all strive for […]

Mayan zodiac symbols as tattoos

There are 19 Mayan zodiac symbols to choose from, all of which represent different dates of birth. These 19 symbols represent different personality types, attitudes, and desires. It is important that your zodiac tattoo represents your true date of birth, otherwise the tattoo will have no meaning for you. If you are getting one or […]

Where to Find Money for Startup Nonprofits

A few days ago I read a post about a small nonprofit community organization looking for advice on how to get funding. Starting a nonprofit is difficult, and figuring out where to find the money to run it can be challenging. New charities rarely have the ability to prove they have the place to become […]

Tips 101 Collection

Today’s collections are said to be 95% psychology and 5% muscle. This article is a proven collection of tips, techniques, and thoughts that can help you and your organization collect more money, faster, and for less. Much of what is in this article may be common knowledge and the kinds of things that you and […]