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Flirting with girls the right way

Most men just don’t know how to flirt with women. So, I decided to make this simple yet powerful guide to flirting tips for guys. Men get to the point in our communication, which explains why men are clueless about flirting. Women, on the other hand, talk a lot about what I call “womanese”. Womanese […]

Templars and the Tau Cross

The Tau is a figure constructed of five lines and is considered an important emblem or insignia in Royal Arch Masonry and was the symbol of the Knights Templar of Saint Anthony of Leith. Find out why … Among my Masonic illustrations I have many definitions of the Tau. Some are that it means TH […]

How to choose the best laptop for students?

How to choose the best laptop for students? The merchants are chanting those three magic words again, ‘Back to school’ and consequences are everywhere! Just when you’re getting your deep dark precancerous tan going – you hear those words – and spell the end Of summer. Once again we are bombarded with advertising, with the […]

You get it? (Ii)

There was a time in my country, Nigeria, when the craze for the US Visa Lottery spread by contagion. It was in a frenzy equivalent to a festival. I was forced to delve deeper into what it was all about. Men and women with college degrees, including those who were experts in their respective professions, […]

Shirdi Darshan for Government Employees

For government employees, the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (SSST) intensifies the speed of Darshan (heavenly virtual tour). They gain quick access to the sanctum sanctorum. This is a move worth welcoming the Saibaba temple administration. Indians working in various departments of the central or state administration will no longer have to wait in long lines. […]

Dark Age of Camelot Powerleveling Guide

Starting a new character in DAoC has never been easier with all these new expansions. It is much easier to level a pet friendly class with a healing bot over time than it is to level any other character. For midgard, you would use a specific spirit master to summon, for hibernia you can use […]

10 interesting facts about the archangel Raphael

1. Raphael means “God heals.” Rafael heals physical, emotional, and spiritual problems, and is sometimes referred to as the “divine physician.” Raphael is believed to have healed Abraham after his circumcision. Rafael also healed Jacob when he dislocated his hip after fighting an angel. 2. Rafael is generally represented holding a fish. This is the […]

20 tips for positive thinking

“The change of diet will not help a person who does not change his thoughts. When a person purifies his thoughts, he no longer wants unclean food.. “ – How does a man think We all have many thoughts in our head all the time, both positive and negative. Positive thinking generally engenders positive realitywhereas […]