Month: April 2021

Women, Don’t Be A Victim – Get Help And Stay Safe With These Apps

Today, different mobile app development companies around the world are working on various innovative and unique app ideas. Developers are dedicating themselves to creating easy-to-use user-centric applications that have a creative concept. Therefore, safety apps for women are becoming popular in the market. Sexual assault, domestic violence, rape, etc. are some of the alarming problems […]

Top 3 Rookie Cards from the 1954-55 Topps NHL Set

1954-55 marked Topps’ first NHL hockey card series. Out of that set came three major rookie letters, albeit working-class ones. Combined, the three played 2,915 regular-season games in the National Hockey League. Two had played youth hockey alongside the OHA Barrie Flyers. The same two would begin their NHL careers with the Boston Bruins. One […]

Who is the real champion, Android or IOS?

The digital battle continues as Google’s Android titans and Apple’s iOS compete for ever-growing smartphone and tablet users around the world. Android and iOS are the operating systems that are mainly used in mobile technology. To this day, these two giants maintain a duopoly with 99% of smartphone sales. Android continues to dominate the market […]

Remote working increases productivity by 30%, this is how you can reap the benefits in your business

Allowing members of your company to work remotely can really play a big role in boosting morale and improving the employer-employee equation. Paying attention to your employees’ needs and their real desires increases their enthusiasm to perform better for you. Emergencies or situations that prevent a person from being physically present in the workplace can […]

Awards given to the Nissan 300ZX

The fourth generation Nissan 300zx hit the US market in 1990! Since its nationwide launch, car enthusiasts have been fascinated by this wonderful machine. Not only has it attracted the attention of sports car drivers around the world, but it has also garnered more awards than most cars have ever dreamed of seeing. In fact, […]

Parents Going Global!

Parenting is the best and the worst time … Therefore, we must be open-minded to what is working for other parents in this big world, even if it seems a bit unorthodox. Let’s share some parenting strategies, tweak them if necessary, and then see what happens. Maybe we will learn something new or at least […]