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Samsung PN58B860 at a glance

The Samsung PN58B860 is Samsung’s flagship plasma HDTV. Although its picture quality is not as impressive as the Panasonic TC-P58V10, it is still an excellent HDTV with many great features, proving that Plasmas are still in the running. Design. The design of the Samsung PN58B860 alone is something to please. Contrary to the belief that […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tidbits

Those who live in the Miami area can, worried that they will be rejected from restaurants and country clubs, claim to be Dolphins fans, have growing fins and live underwater in their spare time. But Miami, like any other city in a state with multiple soccer teams, probably has its fair share of Tampa Bay […]

Book Review – Smoky the Cowhorse

For those unfamiliar with “Smoky,” the story follows a horse named Smoky, who was born in the country, wild and free. He spent his early years frolicking along with his mother and other horses in his herd. From beating aggressive old horses to escaping hungry wolves, Smoky has many experiences that help mold him into […]

Fear in the new litter box

Is there FEAR in your new litter box? A bitter phrase that I resist is ‘the new normal’, because I will not accept what is currently, for what it will be. This is temporary in my mind, and in the words of my favorite author, Og Mandino, “This too shall pass“and it will. The other […]

Mesquite magic

The Tree of Life: Mesquite is a tree or shrub that grows in desert regions around the world, areas unsuitable for most agriculture. On 25% of our planet, mesquite species can be found growing without the help of fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, or compounding. This is not surprising as the mesquite tree’s root system can grow […]