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How to finance your business

A critical question that arises with most new businesses is “How do I finance my business?” Finding the right financing for a new business has never been an easy task. In tough economic times, that task becomes even more difficult. Sometimes it can seem like an insurmountable obstacle that you will never overcome. If you […]

Mortgage Loan: Account Receivable

The management of accounts receivable is essential in the cash flow of any company, since it is the amount that is expected to be received from customers for the products or services provided (net realizable value). Accounts receivable are classified as current or non-current assets. These transactions are recorded on the balance sheet. Current accounts […]

When Hawks Could Fly: The Harley-Davidson Tri-Hawk

Yes, the legendary maker of the classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle, long past its 100th anniversary, has sold a car…well, sort of. For many years, in addition to their lighter Big Twin cruisers and Sportsters. Harley-Davidson made three-wheelers in the form of utility and police “trikes,” but they were Barney Rubble lumps compared to the lean Mirage […]

My Little Pony Toys – The Story

In 2008, My Little Pony toys celebrated 25 wonderful years of fantasy and celebrity status. Designed and manufactured by Hasbro, My Little Pony toys have provided magical fun for millions of girls around the world for decades, and are still around today providing fun for kids and adult collectors alike. These cute, rainbow-colored little pony […]

Key components of the credit risk score in P2P loans

P2P lending connects individual or institutional investors with borrowers (companies or salaried individuals) through an online platform. By providing a viable alternative financing option, P2P is relentlessly shaping the consumer lending landscape. Consequently, P2P lending markets are flourishing all over the world. It works like a peer-to-peer network, where one investor can finance multiple loans, […]