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Does the electric hot pot cooker have a transparent lid?

electric hot pot cooker have a transparent lid The electric hot pot is a tabletop appliance that can make nabemono, a Japanese soup and dumpling recipe traditionally made with dashi broth (kombu, bonito flakes, and dried mushrooms), more accessible to home cooks. The soups can be paired with meats, seafood, or veggies for a meal […]

Restaurant Equipment Buying Guide

Teams are tools to make profit in the food business. Better equipment produces better quality food. Having a sturdy charcoal kettle can guarantee you rounds of delicious barbecues in just minutes. Having your kitchen properly equipped will bring you the benefits of reducing maintenance and repair costs, increasing the production rate, and producing food made […]

interior design chennai

Blue Interiors provides interior design service such as Home Interior Designers Chennai, Interior Decorators Chennai who designs splendid handcrafted interiors for all our clients. At Blue Interior Designs, our goal is to offer extra-ordinary craftsmanship home/office interiors that create lasting memories and pleasure. A team of well-trained and professional people bring out the best creativity […]

Three ways to see the design

So you’ve decided that you can no longer live with the kitchen or bathroom you have in your home and you feel it’s time for a redesign. You know you’re ready for a remodel, but before you call in a contractor, you’d love some basic background on how a design comes together. Designing your space […]

Layout of restaurant dining area

Restaurateurs like to think that each seat can be the “best”, it goes without saying. When designing the dining area, a well-planned scheme carefully shapes the client’s perception with these elements: . Table shapes, sizes and positions . Number of seats at each table . Multiple floors, steps, or booster seats . Paintings, posters or […]

Attractive tips for home staging

Home staging is preparing your home for sale by spending a little time and effort to make your home more of a presentation to potential buyers. It can mean the difference between selling your home or becoming an expired listing. Staging can often increase the price of your home, with sellers estimated to sell 7-10% […]