Month: March 2022

Train your dog the easy way

Did you know that there is a very basic secret about your dog and its behavior that, once you discover what it is and put it into practice, makes training your dog incredibly easy and stress-free? It’s true. But before I share with you the number one secret to training dogs, I’d like to share […]

Why GTA 5 is the perfect birthday present

By now you’ve probably heard the media storm surrounding the release of the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. You may not be a gamer and you may not understand why so many teenagers and full-fledged adults spend hours a day sitting around starring on television, killing people or stealing cars or something. It sounds […]

An exotic honeymoon that never ends

The honeymoon never needs to end. When you visit a tropical paradise on that first trip together, you’ll have memories of a lifetime and you’ll be hooked on sitting on the beach, enjoying the warm waters and sampling the sumptuous cuisines of Asia. You will return for your second honeymoon, your third, your fourth and […]

prolific writers

Prolific authors write; They don’t just dream about it. A good example is Georges Simenon of Inspector Maigret fame. He writes a book quickly, in one sitting, so to speak. The first draft of each chapter is handwritten in a single afternoon. The next morning he types it out on his typewriter, revising and rewriting […]

The New Cougar Dating Trend

After more than 20 years of formal international research on the topic of young men dating older women, I see that the Cougar dating trend is changing. I am excited to see the last barrier to male/female relationships finally dissolve and find its own level towards permanence. There are still older women who want a […]

country kitchen designs

Kitchens are among the important rooms in the entire house. Lately much attention is being paid to its presentation and decoration. This is because the concept of a kitchen as an indoor cooking place has undergone a transformation. Kitchens today beckon architects to rise to the challenge of designing and decorating each kitchen uniquely. Kitchen […]