Month: May 2022

Some interesting facts about tortoise shells

Turtles are defined, protected, described, and hunted for their shells. We’re going to discuss some interesting facts about tortoise shells as we look at the biology of tortoises, including their evolution and how they’ve come to retain much of our curiosity with their slow but long-lived lifestyle. Many people looking for a tortoise for sale […]

Green driving in today’s environment

With skyrocketing gas prices being what they are, the dangers of global warming and public concern about foreign oil, more and more automakers are offering electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. While buying a green vehicle is a great start to reducing the environmental impacts of driving. Of course, the vehicle you drive is the […]

Moneyball is not dead

It’s truly amazing how many of our best and brightest baseball minds in the media still misunderstand the Moneyball concept. To some, it’s still rigidly defined as teams that value on-base percentage above all else. For others, it simply means finding ways to earn cheaply. However, the true definition is much more complex. The true […]

AdzZoo LLC Online Marketing – Is It Worth Your Time And Money?

AdzZoo LLC founders Kevin and Scott Anderton launched this company in early 2010, bringing on board Don Rutt who is currently CEO. Don’s experience is building the world’s largest Lincoln Mercury car dealership from small beginnings, and the Andertons’ experience is founding the first prepaid phone card company, Anderton Communications Marketing, Inc. with 50 employees […]