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I should have stayed with my ex

If you are in doubt about whether you and your ex should have separated, you are not alone. Many others have felt the same. Second thoughts are typical. The key is to analyze the reasons you are giving yourself for WHY you think the relationship was meant to be, after all. If your ex was […]

Let’s have a barbecue party

“A wonderful way to entertain family and friends in an outdoor setting is with a backyard barbecue party. With the right planning and the right setting, people will be talking about your party all summer long. The Big Factors Things to think about when entertaining are things like the barbecue grill, seating, lighting, and of […]

Three no-bake cookie recipes

Kids love cookies, but moms are often too busy to bother baking them in the summer. But wouldn’t it be great if kids could make their own? The first recipe does not require baking at all. The second recipe uses a stove and the third recipe only needs a microwave. Because these don’t bake, you […]

What are the best stress relief games for teens?

Teens feel stressed. This can be caused by school work, parents or siblings, romantic relationships, and problems with friends. Remember that the transition from childhood to adulthood is a stressful situation for most teens. The different physical and mental changes that adolescents experience can be very stressful. Stress relief is always important because stress can […]

Strathwood Patio Furniture Review

To make relaxation in your home garden, patio or pool side enjoyable, get nice patio furniture where the whole family or friends can sit with you. From Strathwood’s garden furniture collections, you can choose the style and design to suit your taste. Having this type of furniture on your patio or anywhere outside your home, […]