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Traffic Jam: Anxiety Disorder Analogy

nothing moving… Frustrated… Tense… Trapped… going nowhere… Sounds familiar? Does your life feel like a traffic jam? Do you feel the same inside your head… inside your heart? Too often we believe that our mind…our thoughts…our feelings are “who” we are…they are “what” we are. When in reality, although they may be “part” of what […]

cure your acne eating fruit

Fruits are super saviors of our skin. They can beat any skin problem like no one else. So if you like fruits then you can beat acne blues with these very easily. As for the others, you better develop a taste for these and eat/use them in the right way to get rid of annoying […]

The story of Franz Liszt "liebestraum"

Franz Liszt was born in 1811 in the Kingdom of Hungary, then part of the Habsburg Empire. His nationality is often disputed, as many records were destroyed by the Ottoman Turks. It is generally claimed that he is Hungarian or German, although a small group recognize him as Slovak. Adding to the debate, his musical […]