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הזמנים הטובים ביותר ביום להשתתף בפעילויות תיירות חול בפארק הלאומי של דיונות החול הגדולות

חול בפארק הלאומי של דיונות החול אם אתם חובבי טבע, הזמן הטוב ביותר להשתתף בפעילויות תיירותיות חול הוא מוקדם או מאוחר. במהלך הקיץ, טמפרטורות החול עשויות להגיע ל-150 מעלות פרנהייט, ולכן עדיף להימנע מפעילויות באוקטן גבוה באמצע היום. חשוב גם להרכיב כובע ומשקפי שמש בעת השתתפות בפעילויות חול, מכיוון שהשמש עלולה לשרוף את העור בקלות. […]

인천공항 주차 옵션

주차 옵션 세계 2위의 국제 관문인 인천공항에는 다양한 주차 옵션이 있습니다. 여객터미널에는 장기주차장과 단기주차장이 있으며, 두 곳 모두 교통센터 지역에서 5분 간격으로 운행하는 셔틀버스를 타고 갈 수 있다. 주차 요금은 주차 시간에 따라 부과되며, 장애인, 저공해 자동차, 18세 미만 자녀 3명 이상 가족의 경우 할인 혜택이 제공됩니다. 주차장 북쪽은 단기주차장, 남쪽은 화물터미널 주차장이다. 두 곳 […]

Kefalonia Lixouri

Lixouri is the capital of the Palli Peninsula and the second largest city on the island. Its name, in the older form Lixourion, appears for the first time in a protest brought before the Venetian Senate in 1534. The ancient city of Palli, which took its name from Paleas or Peleas, one of the four […]

Maldives Holidays: Luxury Maldives Holidays

Surrounded by azure waters and pristine sun-drenched beaches, Soneva Fushi Resort is a tropical idyll of peace, tranquility and serenity. Located on the private island of Kunfunadhoo, Soneva Fushi offers an exclusive Robinson Crusoe-style hideaway that meets the preposition of luxury and style of Maldives holidays. Sibling to another five-star resort, Soneva Gili, Soneva Fushi […]

Oman: a snapshot

The term ‘crown jewel’ has been well used, but never again is it more apt to describe the Kingdom of Oman, the jewel in the crown comprising the Arab states. Oman is simply the “essence of Arabia”. Dominated by a hinterland of rugged mountains (jebels), vast deserts and plains, Oman is a scenic delight occupying […]

Places to visit in Cyprus

There are so many amazing places to see in Cyprus that the list seems endless. The following are just a few of the many wonderful places we think are worth visiting while on holiday on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Paphos Harbor Visitors flock to Paphos Harbor for the excellent sea views and the brightly […]

East Africa Newsletter May 2006

Kenya and ecotourism This year, the Kenya Wildlife Service has been actively involved in sensitizing communities that coexist with wildlife to become involved in its management in order to use their heritage sustainably. The organization has realized that, without actively engaging with the community, it has affected the direct benefits of wildlife-based tourism for ecotourism […]

Eve on Blanquilla Island

Sailing east from the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Los Roques archipelago to Isla la Blanquilla, Venezuela, can be like riding a bike through a tropical storm. Most of the time, both the wind and the current are against you, creating a bumpy and wet passage. The etiology of my problems […]