Month: August 2022

Free Number Lookup

Phone numbers are cheap to come by these days, and searching for a number you like can be done at no cost. When I needed a toll-free number for my business, I turned to a service called call8. I was able to search through a list of available numbers without even creating an account. call8 […]

Is it too soon to incorporate?

Many young and first-time entrepreneurs hear a lot of advice on how to incorporate or form an LLC, or limited liability company, as soon as possible. While incorporation offers many benefits, including limited liability protection, not every startup business should rush into forming a separate legal entity. Before deciding to incorporate or form an LLC, […]

New Dead Sea Scrolls found

Well, it’s not new, but additional Dead Sea scrolls have been located in a previously unexplored cave. Archaeologists have discovered (even before recorded history) when people lived in caves, that they had an area in their dwelling dedicated to food preparation. Traditionally known as “The Kitchen,” the name stuck, and over the millennium this specialized […]

Trailer Sway 101

Yaw, more commonly known as sway in the RV industry, is a dirty word for trailer owners. The definition of yaw or roll is a side-to-side movement. Nothing will ruin the way you feel about camping faster than the first time you experience trailer sway. You’ve been camping in a tent for years and now […]

How to cook on a gas grill

Which do you think would be the most popular outdoor grilling option: charcoal or gas? If you guessed the coal, you would be wrong. Gas grill barbecue accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all outdoor barbecues. It seems that the evolution of the gas grill has incorporated so many conveniences and time savings over […]

4 web hosting tips

It is almost impossible to publish a website on the Internet without a web server. Therefore, selecting a hosting company is one of the most important decisions in building your site. Having a good provider makes browsing through their web pages a smooth and agile process. On the other hand, you will also have a […]