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Can Remote Workers Get Severance Pay?

Get Severance Pay Losing a job can be a devastating blow to a person’s financial stability. It’s common for people to immediately start worrying about how they’ll pay their bills, where they’ll work next, and what their future plans might look like. And that’s if they haven’t already begun planning for the worst case scenario: […]

What Happens If You Are Wrongfully Dismissed in Canada?

Wrongfully Dismissed in Canada Wrongful dismissal is a very serious issue in Canada. There are specific laws and time limits that you must comply with, if you want to claim wrongful termination. If you were wrongfully dismissed by your employer, you may be entitled to severance pay and other damages. For non-unionized employees in provincial […]

Payment Options For Bail Bonds

Options For Bail Bonds When someone is arrested, the accused person’s loved ones want to do what they can to get them out of jail as quickly and cost effectively as possible. This often means that they will need to post a bond in order to secure their release. There are a few different options […]

7 Benefits of Hiring a Accident Injury Lawyer

Benefits of Hiring a Accident Injury Lawyer Getting injured in an accident is already stressful, and having to navigate the legal process without a lawyer just adds more stress. Accident injury lawyers can help you recover the compensation you deserve by taking care of all the legal complexities. They can review paperwork, draft ownership agreements, […]

Starting a small business, over and over again

We have been starting small businesses since we were first married over 26 years ago… this is a list of all the things that were successful and not so successful. We started selling a book I had written as a thesis project called “Mother Natures Remedies: The First Season” that got into niche magazines like […]

mobile phone parts

A mobile phone is a wireless telecommunication device. Basically, the radio frequencies are responsible for linking the mobile radio transmitters (or just transmitters) to the transmitting and receiving base stations. Standard telephone networks are connected to users by receiving stations. The geographic region that a cellular system offers is subdivided into areas called cells. Each […]

Diploma Courses after BDS

Dentistry deals with the oral part of the body and focuses on the treatment and prevention of oral diseases. The sole purpose of all dental courses, whether BDS or MDS, is to make sure that students acquire practical knowledge of the treatments. BDS takes around 5 years to complete. That’s how it is; our mouth […]