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Sailing Costa Rica

I have sailed my entire life, in fact growing up on Cape Cod it is practically a law for a child in their teens to own a sailboat. In fact, I remember that my father helped me buy my first sunfish. I gave him the first thousand dollars I had saved from work summers and […]

Why would you need a theft attorney?

A theft attorney specializes in robbery cases and has the difficult task of defending clients who have been convicted of robbery. Anyway, it would be unfair to say that the robbery layers are in accordance with these serious crimes. They are hired to defend the legal rights of their clients and not to encourage such […]

Devdas bollywood movie

Devdas was the highest-budget Bollywood film of its time (2002) and is considered one of Shahrukh Khan’s best performances. It won ten awards at the 2002 Filmfare Awards. These facts lead me to believe that if I really enjoy watching many Bollywood movies, there must be some element that I am missing, because I found […]

"United Outcasts" Book Review

In 1997, Luma notified her parents that she was staying in the United States. He came here at the age of 21. His father was not happy with his decision. After graduating from college, she was determined to succeed on her own. In 2002, she got a job as a women’s soccer coach at the […]