Month: May 2023

NFL Coaches in the Hot Seat (Who Goes, Who Stays)

MISSING Mike Martz St. Louis: Martz is already talking like he’s done with the Rams. After it was announced that Martz was out for the remainder of the 2005 season due to his heart problems, he wasted no time in criticizing the current hierarchy. His comments have angered team president John Shaw, and it’s obvious […]

How the flyers got their name

Flyers can fly into your life in many ways. Local take-out restaurants are always putting them in your mailbox, they can hand you flyers as you walk through a mall, and you can even pick them up at a church service. They are a cheap and easy mass marketing tool that can quickly and effectively […]

Chiaroscuro – A mix of light and dark

Chiaroscuro – The Concept Chiaroscuro is a unique art form in which the use of light symbolizes various objects and gives them a three-dimensional feel. Chiaroscuro, an Italian term for light and dark, gives drawing, painting, and printmaking an edge, done on a two-dimensional canvas. The history To trace the history, in the 5th century […]

Examples of Divi sites, Divi child themes

Welcome to our site. It is a unique platform for displaying existing divi sites around the world. The main goal is to get the idea of ​​a better layout design for your next project. Here we show Divi theme examples, Divi design examples, Divi site showcase, Divi plugins, Divi tutorials, Divi resources, Divi theme price […]

NordicTrack ASR 700 Elliptical Trainer Review

The NordicTrack ASR 700 Elliptical is NordicTrack’s attempt to make elliptical machines more fun to exercise on. Workouts can get very monotonous, so to add a little more entertainment and excitement, they have incorporated their patented Game & Train(TM) interactive video games and ifit® training card technology into the console. But before we talk about […]