Do you have a line dancer on your Christmas gift shopping list? Are you scratching your head trying to think of a unique gift to buy her? Never fear! It’s really very simple and there are numerous things you can buy to brighten up your vacation. Here are some great suggestions:

*Shiny New Belt Buckle – Guys love those big belt buckles!

* Boot bracelet made of shiny beads.

* Earrings or other jewelry

* Gift certificate to a boot store that sells boots and clothing for line dancers.

* Online dance instruction video or DVD for the beginner to practice at home

* Tote bag to carry your special line dance boots to and from class or from a night of dancing

* Gift certificate for the purchase of a nice Stetson hat

* One of those cute black bow ties for the boys

* Go to a custom t-shirt shop and buy a t-shirt that says “I LOVE LINE DANCIN'” or something like that

* One of those letter-size flat document portfolios to keep your line dance step sheets organized

* Mini recorder to record line dance instructions during a class

We used to wear the cutest earrings in our line dance class. They were miniature cowboy hats. One of the girls made them and gave everyone a pair. You could do something similar, it’s not difficult to make earrings, just by visiting a craft store and getting the necessary accessories. But be careful! You might get hooked on making your own jewelry.

Boot bracelets are another thing you can make using supplies from a craft store. Simply string bright, shiny multicolored beads on a wire and attach a secure clasp (like those used for ankle bracelets) to the ends and voila, you have a nice personal gift for someone. I have also seen beautiful Southwestern beaded boot bracelets online. And remember, you only have to gift one because you only wear the bracelet on one of your boots. Of course, you could give your favorite line dancer several to match his different line dance outfits.

An inexpensive tote bag is nice instead of lugging boots into a plastic bag from the grocery store. Remember, line dancing boots are lighter and have a softer sole for dancing, so don’t wear them outdoors.

Many classes, like the ones we took in Hawaii, hand out line dance step sheets when teaching new line dance instructions. One of those document portfolios, the kind that maybe has a pad on one side with a pen on top, and on the other side has a pocket for loose documents, it would be nice for someone to keep their dance step sheets in line and also take notes on various things. It would fit very well inside the handbag!

This is the perfect time of year for line dancing. The weather is cooler and normal outdoor activities like gardening and jogging are basically on hold until spring. But, you still need to maintain some form of physical exercise and line dancing fills the bill admirably. Just two or three line dance sessions a week will give you many health benefits.

Line dancing instructions are also great for improving your IQ (or keeping your IQ!). Yes, it really is! Not if you just mindlessly follow others, but if you focus on what you’re doing and learn new line dances frequently, it will help you a lot. But, you have to put your mind to it for this technique to work.

So, cheer on the line dancers in your family with a cute line dancing gift for Christmas. And… join them!