We’ve all taken a look at photo albums and often wondered what the hell we were thinking when we decided that the floral jumper looked great with the leopard print leggings. Interestingly, money doesn’t buy style, and it’s often the celebrities who end up putting together some of the worst fashion combinations. Here are some tips to help you know what to avoid.

Just because it’s hot on the runway doesn’t mean it will look good on you, remember that many fashion designers push boundaries and conceptual design.

Don’t mix denim with denim, it didn’t look good in the 80s and it won’t look good now, look to match denim skirts, jeans and jackets with other solid colors and if you have to wear darker denim washes I don’t want it to look like he wears a jean suit.

Don’t wear thongs with low-cut jeans, for whatever reason the fashion for airing out next week’s clothes really took off, but with women of all shapes and sizes opting for the cheek and thong look, it’s never going to stick. If you’re going to wear low-rise jeans, there are plenty of panties that are designed to keep things under wraps and hide a VPL.

Also, never show your cleavage and legs at the same time. Short skirts and low-cut tops don’t look elegant, so choose an outfit that matches one of these areas.

You may really like Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, but they don’t need to become a walking billboard for them. Overdoing tag combinations seems a bit silly and is the latest fashion misstep.

Not wearing the same color from head to toe. Nowadays it is considered fashionable to intelligently combine shoe belts and bags without all having to be the same color. Reviewing color charts and fashion trends will help you learn how to combine colors that may not initially seem like an obvious choice. Remember that green and red always look good on a Christmas tree. Also, don’t match makeup or hair accessories with your outfit.

Don’t mix prints and patterns unless you really know how to do it, although doing it wrong can have disastrous consequences if you feel nervous doing it wrong. If you are going to wear leopard or zebra print, make sure to pair them with solid colors, you don’t want to look like something that will be seen in nature.

Both men and women, do not wear flip flops or shorts to the office, beachwear means exactly that. You wouldn’t wear a tie and cufflinks to the beach, so save the casual wear for your next vacation. And while you’re on the beach, don’t wear Speedos, David Beckham can get away with it, but middle-aged men can’t.

Men, don’t wear socks with your sandals, especially neon ones! If you don’t like toes, reserve for a pedicure. Worse still, don’t tuck your pants into your socks unless you’re about to ride your bike or go through a deep puddle.

Unless you are attending a tribute night to the late great Michael Jackson, do not wear black shoes and white socks. The King of Pop’s sweet moves meant he could wear this look unless you’re about to moonwalk to work. Keep the white socks next to your sneakers.

For some unknown reason, some men find novel ties and cufflinks to be a great way to show off their sense of humor. However, cartoon character ties and tacky cufflinks with many jewels can send the wrong message. Stick with refined tie and cufflink combinations.