No matter how you do it, online dating is tough. Technology and culture have changed over the years and the dating skills needed by men seeking women online have changed dramatically. Today more and more people are meeting through online dating platforms and the rules are being rewritten. Whether it’s men seeking women online or vice versa, dating platforms are transforming gender roles and promoting gender diversity.

Choose the right platform

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Add personality

Creating a profile is an important part of online dating. It’s basically your resume for the online dating world and not something you shouldn’t be paying attention to. Your dating profile should show the type of person you are. Your bio should have a list of the things you like so that the person who visits your profile can clearly understand your personality. Having enough photos on your profile is important and make sure you look happy in each one. Take a couple of photos with friends, but most of them should show you in interesting places to make sure you attract a certain type of person.

Be honest

Be honest with your profile by uploading recent photos and an honest description of yourself. Make sure your profile is flattering, detailed, and eye-catching. Make sure all the information you provide about yourself is true. This way, people can know exactly what to expect when they meet you so that you can connect with people who are genuinely interested in your personality.

Respect personal space

Women set certain limits to stay safe in the world of online dating. Men seeking women online must respect these limits and ask for their consent every time they cross them. These limits are a game changer when it comes to online dating success and can help you spot red flags and steer clear of potential distress in the future. If a woman has set some limits, that does not mean that she is very demanding. It just shows what she will and will not tolerate while interacting online.

Stop chattering and ask questions

This is pretty basic, but it must be said. You need to ask questions to keep the conversation going. Most men are fooled by women in online dating because they would not shut up. Start a general conversation and continue from there. Don’t talk too much about yourself or ask about her. After talking about yourself for a minimal amount of time, toss the ball onto their court with something as simple as “What about you?”

Do not play

Don’t play with someone’s emotions. Nobody wins. If you are not interested in someone, be mature enough to let them know. Stop fooling or avoiding them every time they text you. If you are interested in someone, don’t play hard to get it or be unavailable. Be kind, understanding, and most importantly, be yourself.