The joy of receiving a bouquet can easily turn into a real disaster if you do not know the cultural differences between the rest of the world and Eastern Europe. However, if you master the art of giving flowers as people in Eastern Europe do, you can multiply the pleasure for both you and your Eastern European girl.

Giving flowers is one of the best ways to show your lady that you love her. However, you will need to learn these simple facts about the etiquette of giving flowers to an Eastern European girl to avoid awkward situations:

Never give your date an even number of flowers. This is very, very important. In Western Europe, people usually give flowers in half a dozen or a dozen. In most Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Litva and some other countries, only an even number of flowers are given to the dead.

The people of Eastern Europe bring an even number of flowers when they visit the cemetery or when they go to a funeral. These are the only times that you will see Eastern European girls give flowers two by two, four by four, six by six, etc.

When giving a flower or bouquet to an Eastern European girl, whether on a date or visiting her at home, always try to give odd numbers. The only exception to this rule is the number 13. Although it is an odd number, it is believed to bring bad luck. Instead, you can buy eleven or fifteen, but don’t give your lady thirteen flowers.

The color of the flowers you choose to gift plays a very small role, but it’s still worth mentioning. Generally, it doesn’t matter much what kind of flowers you decide to give your lady. However, there are still a few things you need to know.

White flowers, especially calla lilies, are used mostly at weddings. However, white chrysanthemum flowers are more likely to be seen at a funeral. It’s a good idea to avoid giving away white and yellow flowers in the first place, and you’ll be sure to avoid any misunderstandings.

Good options when it comes to flowers to bring to your first date are pink, purple, and other brightly colored flowers. Roses are always a great option. Pay particular attention to the fact that a red rose has a very strong symbolic meaning when expressing your love for someone, so don’t bring a single red rose on your first date with your Eastern European girl.