Well, the blender you received as a wedding gift years ago has finally died. And now that? Do you replace it with another hand mixer or splurge and get a Kitchenaid Craft Mixer?

Well, it all depends on how much you cook, what you cook and even how much you like to cook. Also keep in mind that a stand mixer will take up much more counter space or storage space than a hand mixer.

Why buy a craft blender? Well, they’re great for your bigger jobs, plus the stand mixer has a number of different attachments available. For example, with the stand mixer you can get attachments that will mix bread dough, grind meat, make your own juice, and even make homemade ice cream. Not to mention, these mixers come in all different colors to choose from. White, green, red, blue, stainless steel, chrome, you name it. You will have no problem coordinating the decoration of your kitchen.

Another great feature of a stand mixer is that you don’t have to hold it with either hand. This will allow you to get other ingredients or prepare some other work while the stand mixer is doing its job. You need to grab an item from the fridge or check something in the oven, no problem.

Now if you just don’t see the need to spend the money on a stand mixer, Kitchenaid has a very good hand mixer that may fit your needs. If most of your kitchen jobs involve making small amounts of a mixture, such as a store-bought mix, then a hand mixer will do just fine.

The conclusion is the following. If you are someone who likes to bake, like to make your own breads or even pasta, and like to host large gatherings around the holidays, the stand mixer is the one for you.

If you just intend to break out the mixer to make a cake mix or whip up some eggs or cream, you can get away with buying a hand mixer.

Whichever mixer you choose, you know you can’t go wrong with a KitchenAid mixer. The Kitchenaid name has come to stand for quality.