Ever wonder why online dating leads to wonderful relationships, romance, and adventure? Only very occasionally will you hear that something is wrong. If you are interested in how to play safely while having fun, read some dating tips to help you start your dating search:

Go slow. It is best if you take it easy so that you can easily build trust. Take it one step at a time starting with exchanging emails, exchanging recent photos, and chatting. Listen to your intuition first and if you feel uncomfortable talking to the person, stop.

Remain anonymous at first. Once you start building trust in the other person and vice versa, it may be time to reveal more about yourself. But make sure you don’t reveal your full name, address, or any contact information right away. It’s also best to use a couple of cool screen names and make sure you see what other people are using to identify themselves.

Protect your email. Many relationships start with email exchanges because a particular email can reveal more about a person than just their email address. So make sure your email information is set to private, like a digital signature or your full name, for example. You can test what personal data will be sent by sending an email by sending a test message to yourself. Also, remember to create an email account especially for your online appointments and definitely do not use your real name in your email address. Always keep your email addresses private and business to yourself.

Install an instant messaging program. Ideally, both AOL / Netscape and Yahoo are good instant messaging programs. You can easily download Yahoo Messenger and AOL on their respective sites. If you are chatting, it is better if you get a microphone for your computer so that you can chat and talk through the computer instead of just chatting on the phone.

Choose an online dating site. Once you have chosen the dating site that you like, start writing a profile. Going to a dating site is recommended where you have already decided what to write or say about yourself.

Request a photo. Whether you value the person’s personality or appearance, it’s still good to request a photo of your potential date. If the person keeps making excuses when you ask them to send you a photo, you better think about whether you want to continue the conversation with the person. It’s still good to know how well that person you’re talking to described himself. Be sure to request more than one photo and when the photo was taken. Of course, getting together is still the best way to get to know a person, so you may not be really sure about your date until then. Also, show him some recent photos of you: one close up and one full-length. But if you are a woman, it is best to send this when the man has sent the first one to be safe.

Use the phone. Once you are comfortable with your online appointment, you can give your phone number. This way, you can assess your potential date’s social skills, not just through emails or instant messaging, but also over the phone. You can use a cell phone if you have one or a pay phone if you don’t want to use your home number. But if you decided to use your home number, then you should get a caller ID or a service like Privacy Manager to protect yourself and your privacy.

Meet in public. Select a meeting place where there are many people. Before meeting, make sure you know the location, how to get home, what time is the last train or bus, and keep a taxi number in the area in case you are late or there is a change in plans.

Bring or tell a friend. It is much safer if you bring a friend with you on your first date. If things are going well, then you should have an arrangement with your friend to live early. You can meet your friend after your appointment or let him know how the appointment went or you can meet your friend afterwards. Make sure you have a cell phone that you can use and where you can be reached in an emergency. However, if your friend cannot accompany you, always tell someone where, when and with whom you will be meeting. If you are traveling, it is best to leave a person with all the necessary information, such as the hotel address and the phone number of that hotel. If possible, call them after your appointment.

Stay in your own hotel. When traveling to meet your potential date, don’t be convinced to stay home. Organize a hotel and rent a car, if you can. So when things don’t go according to plan, you can have your own place to stay. Also, avoid meeting your appointment at the airport, as this will reveal where you will be staying. If you follow all these dating tips, you will surely never go wrong. Keep in mind that no matter how much you like to meet your potential date, your safety should remain your number one priority.