Have you started your book yet? No why not? Perhaps you doubt for the same reasons that many of us doubt. You wonder, “Will my book sell in a crowded book market?” Good question. Everyone wants to know before investing time, effort and above all money. Here are some tips to help you know if your book will sell well before you even write it. Give your manuscript the significance test. Write your book to meet two or three areas to achieve meaning in the book market. To make sure your book passes the importance test, do you offer:

1) Specific skills and information.

Thousands of people search for specific information on a daily basis. They want information that is simple to read and easy to understand. Seek to educate your audience; Include participation tools in your book. Help them earn more money, reduce costs, or solve their problems. Examples include: online assessments, how-to tips, short reports, resource lists, how-to tutorials, dictionary of terms in your field, etc.

2) Solutions to your audience’s problems.

Get it right and you could have a best seller. Do you know the solution to an annoying problem? Write the solution in your book. You might be surprised who is searching online for some relief.

3) Expert advice to a specific group of people.

Address a group of people within your broad market. For example, the Chicken Soup series for teens, mothers, and even prisoners sold much better than the original Chicken Soup for the Soul.

4) Opportunity to learn something new or interesting.

Sprinkle your book with a few interesting facts about your topic. Take care to avoid information overload with detailed statistics pages. But if you sprinkle them as bites throughout your book, you create an anticipation that will carry your readers to the end. People love statistics and short trivia on just about any topic.

5) An easy-to-read style for learning about something.

Take a complex topic in your field and keep it simple. Most people enjoy easy-to-read language. Not only will they reward you by reading to the end, but your readers will be happy to tell all their friends about your intuitive and easy-to-read book.

Are you ready to start writing now? Now that you know your book is important, take the plunge. Do not hesitate any more. Start today. Your audience is waiting for your unique insights and ideas. Make it different. Make it count. Do your thing.