Who does not know R2D2 and C3PO from the Star Wars series, created by George Lucas. These two robots are in a way assistants to the main protagonist of the films, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. R2D2, a bipedal robot, is a technical expert in machines and C3PO, an expert in all known languages.

Now given that, who wouldn’t want a robot (software) that can help you in Forex trading? Forex Megadroid, as it is known, is expert forex trading software that can deal with different market conditions. It is a robot created by Albert Perrie and John Grace, both Forex experts with a combined experience of 38 years, thus absorbing their knowledge and experience in this field.

Accuracy is the key:

Out of all the robots on the Forex market today, none have come close to consistently performing like Forex Megadroid, with an accuracy of more than 95%. Now, everyone is raising their eyebrows as to the veracity of this information. The high performance that Forex Megadroid shows is due to the fact that it trades with only two currencies, the euro and the dollar, which limits market conditions to a more consistent performance. While other robots on the market that use multiple currencies face conditions that are much less stable.

In any case, do not expect to always get a winning performance from this robot, as there may be other factors that can affect its performance. Reliance on such programs, software, robots or whatever you call it will only prevent you from learning the intricacies of the market that will disarm you for more experience. If you know how to drive manually, first driving an automatic car will be an amazing journey. Any robot like Forex Megadroid should be a tool that helps you learn and earn more, allowing you to develop your instincts in this type of business.

Overall, my verdict for the Forex Megadroid is an A +.

With all the tests carried out, so far everything is fine. And who knows, it may be better.

After all, I have a 60 day money back guarantee.