The science of hypnotizing others without anyone noticing has to do with the art of subconscious communication. Whatever your motive, you can use the phenomenon of subconscious communication to effect a marked change in the way others see you and respond to you, leading them to act the way you want them to. Underground hypnosis.

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Mastering this craft of covert communication through the channels of all the senses allows you to shape the thought processes of others, which involves changing the way you perceive existing facts and figures. It results in them resorting to a course of action that is in accordance with their own goals.

Subconscious communication requires maximizing the persuasiveness of your language, as well as employing several other techniques in symbiotic unison, including the use of verbal cues and at the same time.

It is well known that the human body perpetuates its existence through an innate defensive mechanism, which includes physiological immunity, reflex actions, etc. Interestingly, what is true about our physical entity is also true about our psychological entity.

Our psychological survival centers on a crystallized sense of “I”, “I”, and so on. called ego. This sense of “I” in us is maintained by various strategies employed by the mind, which is the vehicle of the ego. For its sustained survival, the ego is always on guard against all potential threats from other egos.

The secret to hypnotizing others depends on taking them off guard. Once they have been successfully taken by surprise, they are already disarmed and stripped of their critical rational faculty of the mind. The iron is hot and now you can strike, which means that all your verbal and non-verbal expressions at the time are directed to the point without being subject to the rational critical scrutiny of the conscious mind of the person in front of you.

While this person is in such a trance state, you can dictate their actions and make them do whatever you want. Some may call it a kind of emotional blackmail. You can try the following devices and learn how to secretly hypnotize someone in 3 minutes or less, and leave them hypnotized.

Tell a story or anecdote: As soon as you begin to narrate a story or anecdote to the person in front of you, without knowing it, he says goodbye to his critical thinking and becomes confident and believing. In such a state, all your words and gestures will influence you to the core.

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Take them back to your own past – It is very rewarding to talk about your own past. You can also achieve the above result by inducing the person in front of you to talk about their own past experiences. The moment they start to reminisce longingly, they lose their objectivity and are ready to empathize with you.

Arouse pity in others: It has been observed that when feelings of pity, mercy and sympathy stir in people’s hearts, their crystallized egos vanish, leaving them vulnerable to your influences. One of the ways to achieve this is to use your power of imagination to invent a pitiful and pathetic condition for yourself and entrust it to him. An instant relationship will be established between the two of you that will allow you to implement your suggestions.

Tickle their vanities:

As a general rule, people have exaggerated opinions about themselves. You can exploit it by telling them how much their talent has been underestimated. The rule of the game is to exaggerate your value while claiming that others underestimate your value. Also add how much they and their intentions have been misunderstood! How much they deserve and on the contrary how much they have been denied.