Getting a positive result from the law of attraction means making changes in your life. The law of attraction can also generate negative effects depending on the actions you take. Making a change can be the difference to a desired future.

I would like to discuss 10 things that are required by the Law of Attraction to bring positive things to you. A law is recognized as a norm and is mandatory in certain situations in order to function. The general rule here is that your actions must be calculated to follow the specific commandments of the Law of Attraction. To make it clearer, you need to focus on certain areas of your life to get where you want to go.

1. Purpose What is your purpose in this life? Do you know what your gifts and talents are? Are you doing what you were created to do to fulfill your purpose of giving help and assistance to others and making contributions to society? Or are you living your life just accompanying? Search and examine yourself because without purpose, you will not attract success. Success doesn’t come only to someone who is unprepared or has no idea where they are going. Therefore, for the law of attraction to work, you must evaluate your life and see where you are, where you want to be, and what are the talents you have to get there.

2. Visualize Now that you have an idea of ​​what your purpose is, you need to visualize and see yourself already there. Do whatever it takes to keep these images in your mind at all times. Make a scrapbook or journal to remind yourself that you are on a mission to reach a place of purpose.

3. Passion Create a passion for your purpose because it is your passion that will attract the tenacity to keep you going and possibly attract people who can help you fulfill your dream.

4. Perseverance Never give up. There will be times when it feels like nothing is happening, but you have to be patient and in the meantime, do things that contribute to your dream while you wait for the manifestation.

5. Courage Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Fear stifles your sleep. Doubt will kill your purpose. Fear attracts failure, so take heart if necessary and don’t let anyone discourage you.

6. Desire and passion are not the same, but they work well together. However, desire is what you have determined you want to happen. Passion is the emotion of what is about to happen, so don’t confuse them. He continued to keep his wish by speaking it out loud to himself. Even if it sounds crazy, do it. I find that a spoken word is more effective than just a thought.

7. Goals Set realistic goals and write them down. Start with your short term goals first. You will be able to identify with a shorter plan and see the results faster. When you document your goals, people will be drawn to your organizational skills and will be willing to help you meet your goals. Stay focused on your purpose. Never lose sight of the path you want to take and let that be your motivation to keep moving towards your purpose and fulfill the law of attraction.

8. Change Don’t be afraid of change. Change is good. Show that you are on the way to personal improvement. It gives you a sense of hope and attracts new friends who will identify with the change in you and want to be your friend.

9. Relationships Your new friends will help foster good relationships and it is through your new relationships that you will reach your destined purpose. After leaving his old friends behind, he attracts a new future with new people who can have a better impact on his life. Sometimes we get stuck where we are because of the friends we keep; friends who don’t want to change or who don’t have a sense of purpose, so forming new and valuable friendships is another key element in following the rules of the law of attraction.

10. Gratitude Last, but most important, is gratitude. Be thankful for where you are and where you are going. There is a spiritual entity working to fulfill the law of attraction, so connect with your spirituality and let it be known that you understand the importance of remaining humble and being grateful for the gifts, talents and opportunities that have been given to you because without them, you would never be. able to abide by the rules of engagement. The law of attraction cannot work without these ten principles. You must be aware of your human side as well as your spiritual side because that is what will allow you to proceed and succeed.