Today with enrichment in education and technology, the pace of learning has been changing and advancing. This time required skill set includes not only high qualifications, but also demanding to acquire practical knowledge with the enhancement of students’ intellectual abilities. Now people must have an open-minded approach, practical facts and clear concepts in such a competitive environment. This is what can be acquired quickly also with group study. Studying in one room and memorizing the syllabus can help you be smart, but it won’t improve your brain skills.

When you study in a group and discuss various topics, you will learn from different interpretations and clarifications. Several benefits have been experienced with the group study despite the fact that each coin has its two sides that cannot be neglected. So let’s break down its pros and cons.

Advantages of group study:

  1. Better learning and understanding:

In group study, students divide their subjects and topics for further discussion that makes them study in depth from different sources. This learning method ensures in-depth knowledge of the topic, and cross-questions with explanation provide better learning and understanding.

  1. Improved group communication and discussion skills:

In a group, all students have an equal opportunity to increase their knowledge, presentation and opinion on a particular topic with the team members. This exercise helps students regress their introverted nature and develops group discussion and communication skills.

  1. Bring consistency in the study:

In the group study, each member of the team has to follow a particular time, themes and themes that bring regularity in the study and avoid procrastination.

  1. More ingenious, more reliable and more productive:

While working as a team, it is discovered that he increases all efforts to ensure quality production. Plus, more team members mean more resources to study and more ideas to explore. If in the case, someone missed their job for any of the reasons, the study will continue with the support of other members. This indicates that the group study is more resourceful, more reliable, and more productive.

  1. Quality information exchange:

Each team member has a different opinion, suggestion, and ideas that are thoroughly considered and discussed before concluding any statement. This increases effortless and fluid communication in the group, ensures the exchange of information while maintaining quality.

  1. New approaches, methods and perspectives:

The team members in the group have their own perspective that represents a new approach and shows an alternative study method. This creates a high-energy study environment that motivates the student to study hard and grasp the best in his or her own preferred focus.

  1. Increase confidence

Regular practice of studying, presenting, analyzing, explaining develops an open-minded approach that builds confidence. Because confidence increases with the improvement of an individual’s knowledge and skills.

We have analyzed that study groups have several advantages in their own way. This makes group study successful, however subject to following discipline, regularity, rules and regulations. In failure, it leads to some inculcating disadvantages;

1. Unnecessary talk and gossip:

It is difficult to create an environment of study, discipline and concentration without the participation of a mentor. In a group, a little fun topic can go on for hours and students can indulge in unnecessary gossip. In this situation, students are suggested to restrict themselves in self-discipline and create groups for the purpose of study only.

2. Time restriction:

If you have to study in a group, you should schedule your time according to the other members of the team. Sometimes it is good as it brings regularity, while sometimes it is really difficult to match time with others.

3. Distraction:

Some group members can create a distraction in one of many ways that can annoy other members as well. This situation can be solved by assigning a period of time to study or you can maintain some penalty cause for explaining the most difficult section of the chapter.

4. Conflicting issues

Each individual team member has their own understanding and learning style that may not be suitable for others to consider. Sometimes it is difficult to accept other ideas and suggestions that may create internal or external conflicts between members.

5. Decision making takes time

In the group, it is really difficult to conclude a single statement due to the difference of views. It is difficult to convince others of a single opinion and therefore decision making takes time.