The older man was visiting his daughter and three grandchildren ages 11, 4, and 8 months. The 4 year old was sleeping in her bed and was complaining. This problem was discussed above, all solutions had failed, and sleep deprivation was under control. Sitting on the porch with his nicotine and caffeine, he pondered this problem and thought about becoming a grandfather.

Grandparents have two options when watching their children raise their grandchildren: interfere gold to silence; the only exception is when asked for advice or help. Most interfere; feeling that the grandson is going to be spoiled, they are just trying to help, or her way is the best way. On the other hand, children think they are right; the world has changed, different stressors are affecting the family and there is more danger.

The world was simpler when grandparents’ children grew up: they played outside without adult supervision, neighbors watched, strangers were immediately noticeable, and elders were respected because they possessed wisdom and were the problem solvers. Today, children cannot be left alone, as strange dangers lurk everywhere, the elderly are seen as old people, and search engines preserve wisdom and answers to all problems.

grandparents follow interfere as their parents did, which states: we have the right to tell our children how to raise our grandchildren. This leads to resentment driving a parent-child rift regarding parenting and exacerbates this rift by undermining parental authority by telling their children they are wrong in front of the grandchildren.

holding his tongue It’s the hardest thing for grandparents to do, but logically it’s the best way to keep the peace. Grandparents forget that their parenting days are over; their new role is to be supportive and trust their children’s decisions while raising their grandchildren. the old man bit his tongue many times, which was not easy, but resulted in their children asking for advice and help.

His daughter came out on the porch and asked him if he had a solution for the problem of lack of sleep.

Kind regards, Judowolf