It’s funny because even though I’ve been training virtually via zoom for years, and before that on the phone, I recently started training again in person and was reminded of how much I love him! For me, nothing beats the power of an in-person connection and the power of a group! The image you see in the intro is actually a shot of our recent in-person group now turned into zoom sessions. Instead we had to switch to virtual meetings and we are making it work!

And that’s what we do as entrepreneurs, right?

We adapt, we seek solutions and we remain flexible.

I’m amazed at how many virtual engagements are emerging – everyone is adapting 🙂

Well, here are my top tips for staying organized at home:

Tip No. # 1: Set a schedule. Decide on your working hours, and I want to tell those of you who have kids at home that you have to homeschool, have fun! You are a powerhouse and you can do a lot in a limited time. Decide what works best for you and your family, and also focus on what really needs to be done to run (and grow) your business and get rid of all the fluff. And for business owners without children, resist the temptation to work all day and all night with these social restrictions in place.

Tip # 2: Do laundry and any other household chores outside of business hours, and if you are one of those types of people (like me) who like a clean and tidy environment, keep that in mind in your off-hours. working hours. See below 🙂

Tip No. 3: Take a break for lunch, this is an important one! How often do we go through the day without taking any breaks? Sometimes I can even put up with going to the bathroom! Geesh. Go, go, go programming is real! The calmer and more grounded we are, the more productive and resourceful we will be. It’s counterproductive to what many of us are taught, but it’s true! Try it 🙂

Tip No. # 4: Schedule everything from personal trainings to personal care, family time, etc. Everything in your life has a time and a place and should be treated as a priority. It is not waiting until you are successful in living the life you want; you are living it now, which is actually succeeding now. Once again, be gracious about all of this, as you navigate around having to stay home right now.

Tip # 5: Decide on customer service expectations, i.e. is it important for you to return calls / emails within 2 hours or 48? Decide what is important and doable to you and create a system around it. This will help you set guidelines for yourself and also determine how much time you need on your schedule.

Let me know how you do on our zoom call on Tuesday!