Day: October 31, 2021

Top 10 car audio systems

These systems have been rated to deliver the best user experience and sound quality over the years, and it is through consumer feedback that we have completed this list. However, it is not in any particular order. All we can say is that if you are looking for superior quality and sound and come across […]

Pre-order culture and downloadable content – solved!

One of the biggest problems in games is the culture that has developed around downloadable content and pre-order video games. It has completely gotten out of control. These problems are actually two completely independent issues, overlapping significantly. The reason I am linking them is because they both have the same solution, which I will refer […]

Dog Information: Fun Facts About Dogs

Here are some interesting and enjoyable facts about dogs. You will surely find many things that you may not know about man’s best friend. It is not true that dogs are color blind. They can see the colors, although not as vivid compared to humans. The only sweat glands in dogs are found between the […]