Day: September 15, 2021

Used Commercial Truck For Sale By Owner

Every company needs some type of transport. Business owners are always looking for a reliable source that efficiently handles heavy loads from one location to another. Customers frequently search for used commercial trucks. All over the world, these types of trucks are becoming very popular. Many leading car manufacturing companies are starting to produce these […]

Business Process Outsourcing: Essential Elements to Look for in Service Provider Proposals

Distance, time zones, culture and language no longer limit where companies of any size have customers, suppliers or service providers in this age of seamless commerce between continents. A key to success and survival is finding a trusted and experienced business partner who performs essential administrative services at a reduced cost. objective no reduced precision, […]

What cooking oil should I use?

Most contemporary recipes call for “extra virgin olive oil”, in a vain attempt to appear “healthy”, “healthy” and “elegant”. I select my cooking oils based on what I am preparing. If I’m sautéing, browning, or wok frying, I use oils that have high smoke points. What is a smoke point? Each oil has its own […]