Month: June 2021

Gain weight and build muscle

Naturally lean people can be the way they are due to their genetics or low food intake, which means they feel fuller faster, leading to less eating or a hormonal imbalance or a high metabolism that metabolizes the foods they ingested instantly thus increasing the overall requirement for calories and other nutrients. According to the […]

Food for a very healthy penis

Most people eat to satisfy their taste buds or stomach. A vast majority eat to fuel their bodies for sports or everyday life. However, there is much less population that eats to improve penis health. Wait, penis health? How can a man work his way to a healthy penis? It’s easy to incorporate these seven […]

Laila Ali – From the ring to the dance floor

Laila Ali’s inspiring career as a boxer, following in the footsteps of her famous father, has only been enhanced by her life and accomplishments outside the ring. Laila Ali was born on December 30, 1977 to form world heavyweight champion Muhammed Ali and his third wife, Veronica Porsche Anderson. She is currently the Women’s Triple […]

How to start a business with a shoelace

As a small business developer, I have many potential clients who will say real things: “If I could get a million dollars, I think I could make my business succeed.” Unfortunately, this is as far from the truth as a new business owner can start. Yes, capital is needed to start a business and lack […]