Month: May 2021

Your fear is a valuable messenger

I recently appeared on an entrepreneurs forum as a panelist. One of the questions asked was, what was the biggest challenge you faced when launching your business? My answer? Fear. Fear is like annoying text messages that won’t stop until you answer. Fear has been described as “false evidence that appears real.” I understand. It’s […]

Find ways to install the great kitchen wall tiles

Kitchen backsplashes have generally not been embellished in the past, being considered necessary only as protection for countertop space. The result was a drab and uninteresting surface. Now that tiles have witnessed so many designs, textures, colors, and blends, it’s time to adorn the kitchen walls as well, as well as the living room and […]

Easter blessings

We are all on the threshold of one of the most recognized Christian celebrations of the year. For some people, Easter is just a long weekend. Schools, on the other hand, generally plan a week-long break for children. For others, the observance of Easter spans several weeks with specific parts that include Lent, Good Friday, […]

Fall 2018 Anime Watch List

This latest anime season has brought with it a storm of great stories. Usually I never keep up with many animes at once, especially during the season, but this time it is an exception. So, let’s go over what I’ve been up to this season. Sword Art Online: Alicization It’s no secret that I’m a […]

Quick tips on how to burn fat fast

There are some elements that I feel that many do not realize. I have received many letters from people asking why they are not burning as much fat as fast as they would like. Well boys and girls, there are a few small changes you can make to your lifestyle that would burn that stubborn […]

What kind of dog is Benji?

Benji was the name of a canine character in several very popular movies. The dogs that played Benji were so cute and so smart that it’s only natural that many people want a dog like him. So what kind of dog is Benji, anyway? Unfortunately, answering that question is not as easy as it sounds, […]

What is owner financing?

Owner financing is a common way of doing a real estate deal. A potential buyer finances the home through the person selling the home. This occurs when the buyer cannot obtain financing through a bank. The seller will accept financing from the seller if he has difficulty selling the property. This happens when the buyer […]