Pets, problems with urine and perfect products

If you have met a dog, you have loved a dog. It’s a blind, deafening, blissful kind of love, isn’t it? The kind of easy love that can make you completely immune to the realities of dog life, like peeing for one, or musky from your dog’s favorite pheromone-infused sleeping pillow, common noxious odors, dander, […]

How to rent a car cheaply

If you can get cheap deals on plane tickets, you can also get cheap deals on renting a car. Personally, I’d rather take a road trip than fly. With a little research, you can easily get the best car rental deals. When I booked my first road trip, I used these tips to get the […]

Lake Geneva bars to visit

Are you trying to decide which bars on Lake Geneva to visit when you arrive in the city? No need to worry, you just need to have a good guide so you can weed out the bars that are not worth visiting. I can help because I have frequented Lake Geneva bars for over 20 […]

The myths surrounding Lake Bunyonyi

After tracking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Park in southwestern Uganda, head to Lake Bunyonyi for a chance to relax in this peaceful environment and learn about the intriguing mythical truths of this lake. With legendary rolling hills that seem to go on forever and an abundance of tiny green islands, Lake Bunyonyi offers some of […]

Arbonne International Stocks

If you are looking for a company in which you can invest or buy stock, Arbonne International is a good company to start with. For an overview, Arbonne International is a manufacturer and distributor of skin and personal care products. Their product line includes nutrition and weight loss products, skin care and makeup, shampoo and […]

To transmit or not to transmit

There’s no arguing that streaming movies, shows, and music is extremely convenient for the average user, but is it really worth it? Being an author and recording artist myself, I’m not a huge fan of streaming services as they only pay pennies in royalties for any musical composition they stream. This is not fruitful for […]